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What’s a Laser Engraver, and What Can You Do with One?

A laser engraver can be used to create an array of objects. Those who are into arts and crafts might not know how helpful engravers can be. This article will give you more insight on the product and how it can improve your next project.

What Is a Laser Engraver?

A laser engraver machine can be thought of as three main parts: a laser, a controller, and a surface. The laser acts as a pencil and it allows the controller to trace the pattern onto the surface. As you can tell by the name the controller controls the speed, direction, intensity, of the laser beam as it is being spread onto the surface.

What Can Be Engraved?

Before you decided to engrave your latest project, take a look at the following items that are able to be engraved with the laser engraving machine.

  • Natural materials- Hardwoods like walnut, mahogany, and maple can be engraved with a laser power of less than 10 watts. Engraving softwood can be tricky as the art is likely to vaporize. It can be done if the engraver has a fan blowing directly on it, is at its lowest power and quickest speed of cut, and enough airflow to extinguish fires that are trying to ignite.
  • Plastics- Standard cast acrylic plastic generally works well with laser engravers. Any signage and face plates can be engraved as well.
  • Metals- Coated metals, stone, and glass can be used with a laser at levels of 10-30 watts.
  • Jewelry- Jewelry is the most popular item that people want to engrave. A laser engraving machine can customize any piece of jewelry.
  • Fine art- As mentioned in the beginning of this article fine art is the perfect candidate for an engraving machine. Artist can digitize drawings or scan them and place them on any material that is compatible with the laser machine.

Where Can I Get One?

Laser engravers are relatively easy to find. EBay and Amazon are the top sites that consumers visit to purchase laser engraver machines. There are also plenty of companies that sell the engravers directly from their site. Before purchasing it is always best to do research on the type of engraver you will need to achieve the best results. Although the machines can be pricy and your first instinct will be to go with the cheaper one, make sure that the quality of work that it will produce will be up to your standards.

Laser engravers can bring a special touch to a lot of items. A normal ring can turn into a customized display of affection that a loved one will cherish for years. It can also be a great way for an artist to brand their work by engraving the logo into the merchandise. No matter what the use may be the right laser engraver machine and proper use makes all the difference. They are simple to use and even a novice will quickly pick up the technique.