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Advantages of Laser Cutters over Mechanical Cutters

For decades traditional mechanical cutters were widely used, but as times have changed, there is a bigger need for more modern technology and the CO2 laser cutter is that new tool. However, for thousands, they aren’t overly convinced these newer cutters are the best method, so are they? Read on and find a few simple advantages of using the laser cutters rather than the mechanical ones.

Better Finishing

You might not think there is any difference to the finish of a piece of metal that has been mechanically cut and one that has been laser cut but there are some very small and subtle differences. For starters, the laser burns through the metal leaving no sharp edges behind and secondly there is no warp distortion at the end of the cutting process. That is why a laser cutter machine has really become popular of late.

Lasers Don’t Wear Out

Regular steel blades are sharp and very powerful but after some use they can tire and get worn out. However, most people don’t really notice the blade is worn out and as a result, they use the blade leaving an uneven finish. If you are cutting several pieces of metal that are supposed to be all even in length and shape then there will be some dissimilarities. This is of course bad for manufacturers as it could mean rejection. A CO2 laser cutter on the other hand, can offer long-lasting wear. These don’t tire and don’t get worn so they are less likely to cause errors.

No Cross Contamination

Another issue with mechanical cutters is that while they are powerful and can cut a variety of materials, they can sometimes cause cross contamination. You wouldn’t think this would be very important, but it can be and those little particles left behind on the blade can cause errors with other cutting work. The laser cutter machine doesn’t pick up particles from previous metals being cut and that will prevent cross contamination.

Versatile With Endless Opportunities

Laser Cutters over Mechanical Cutters
Laser Cutters over Mechanical Cutters

A CO2 laser cutter is quite unique in a sense as it can handle whatever is thrown at it. There aren’t many cutters including mechanical cutters that offer this so it’s a real treat. However, it can create lots of shapes which prove its versatility and secondly it also proves you can use this with anything.

Before buying you need to compare prices and review not only the machines the sell but the support they give.  Look at how employees feel about the company. Example here of a laser company with lots of negative feedback:  full spectrum laser reviews.  There are no end of opportunities with this and it can eliminate rough edges too so that again is important. This has a lot of uses and it does make it far more appealing than ever before; it may cost a little more than some of the average cutters, but again, it offers so much. Learn additional tips at

The Laser Cutter Machine Can Be the Tool for You

A lot of people are put off the idea of modern tools such as laser cutters as they appear far too technical and expensive. However, these aren’t as costly as you’d think and since they can handle a variety of cutting tasks, they may make the process far simpler. A CO2 laser cutter is truly a wonderful tool to have in manufacturing plants and even at home! If you’re looking for machinery in general that can process metals find one here: laser cutter.